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Sketches - Levitt Shell Concerts - Summer 2016

My family has so much fun attending the *FREE* concerts held at Levitt Shell in Overton Park.  I have really enjoyed sketching the concerts this summer.  During one of the recent concerts, we enjoyed hearing the talented musicians that attend STAX Music Academy.  

This is the second sketch I have done of the entire stage at a Levitt concert.  The lines of the amphitheater are so interesting and fun to draw.  Also, I love to fill in the space in front of the stage with dancing people.  [I'm still working on my linear perspective.]  In the above sketch, I tried to capture a moment in which all of the STAX musicians were on stage together raising their arms during the ending refrain of one song.  The concert was emotionally moving, and we felt lucky to have experienced it.

"The Memphis Way" by the New Orleans Group from Stax Music Academy

I believe that one of the first songs that SMA played was an original song written by the award-winning STAX student group called the New Orleans Group.  The song they wrote was entitled, "Memphis Way".  The song artfully described some great, fun aspects of living in Memphis.  The female lead on the song had (has) amazing vocal talent.  


The next sketch is a combination of two different people that inspired me.  On the left, I sketched a little girl that was dancing in front of the Levitt Stage.  She was bouncing up and down and having so much fun.  Her smile was joyful.  On the right are my impressions of an awesome female trumpet player.

 During one song, she played a trumpet solo in a style that reminded us of New Orleans trumpet-masters Kermit Ruffins and Irvin Mayfield.  I wish I knew this young woman's name because she certainly deserves credit for her performance and talent (as do all of the musicians pictured here).

Michai, a talented young vocalist sings, "Oh Happy Day".



I had to quickly sketch this very young man as he sang the song "Oh What a Happy Day".  I did manage to write his name on this sketch.  Michai was amazing!  He was reminiscent of a young Michael Jackson ... Think Jackson 5 era.  Michai's charisma and vocal talents were memorable.  I feel like I should mention that I sketched the pen portion of this in the dark which is why I  chose to scribble my impressions more, and I kind of like the effect that the finished sketch has.


The finale of the concert was a beautiful rendition of Prince's "Purple Rain".  It was a touching tribute to the recently deceased musical artist.



Sitting next to us, was a little boy sitting on the grass with his mom and dad.  He was adorable as he danced and moved his body in jerky, quick movements to the beat.  I sketched him facing and from behind because he was moving around so much!