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Welcome to my blog.

I'm mortally afraid of being bored.  I like to write about learning, making, science-ing, thinking, and creating.

Work Hard to Find Harmony in Your Words

Fellow earthlings, let's BE REAL with each other.  BE BRAVE! BE VULNERABLE! Let's try giving each other the benefit of the doubt.  Let's be self-aware of our own fears.  Because our fears quietly nurture and maintain the myths that we are too crazy to handle, too ugly to love, or too bad to change.  You are not too crazy, too ugly, or too bad to love! Try allowing yourself to build relationships and create the opportunity for a broader, more-connected community

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Carpe Color

When observing another artist's watercolor work, I love that I can pick out the drops, the washes of color, brush strokes transparent over one another.  It is as if I am taken back to that once-in-time moment in which an artist’s wet brush hit paper with pigment.   This trait of watercolor embodies the essence of what I have grown as an artist to realize is the truly therapeutic role that art has in my life. 

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